My work can now be seen on They are part of the Met-Art group of high quality erotic media. showcases explicit, edgy, erotic art with shadows and contrast. This fits in with my own vision for my work. They have given my work a new audience on a planetary scale and I am very proud to be working with them.

Maya’s Second Video starring Maya Virdi

This is one of three videos and photo sets we shot in one day. This one takes place in a “very lived-in” office. Unfortunately we had problems with the third video. I usually do a three camera shoot but this time one of the cameras failed to record. I only have two camera angles to work from and that’s not enough to make a TLE-quality video. I may use the clips in a demo reel or trailer someday. Maya's 2nd Video









Maya’s First Video starring Maya Virdi

This the first time Maya has done this kind of work. She has done nude and explicit modeling before but this was her first experience doing a solo girl masturbation video. We shot three videos and photo sets in an auto repair shop. I had a crew of two PAs. It was the windiest day of the century. The roll-up doors would crash loudly whenever a the wind would gust. It was a noisy distracting environment but Maya did very well. The video begins with a biographical interview. Maya's 1st Video









California Girl featuring Pepper Kester

This is Pepper Kester. This is one of three video and photo sets we shot in an auto repair shop. We had a great time working together. She has a fun energetic personality. This video is of great significance because it is the first in the “new style”. At least that’s what we started calling it. My buyer at TLE had the idea of creating a biographical interview at the beginning of the video so the viewers can get to know the model. Her answers would be heard in voiceover while seeing video beauty video shots. I did a proof of concept and we reminded the style. This biographical interview is at the beginning of all my videos now.










Auto Show starring Azura Starr










Secretary starring Azura Starr










Toys in the Attic starring Azura Starr










Darkroom starring Azura Starr










Recording Studio starring Azura Starr










Drummer starring Azura Starr