Photo Stories

Here are a series of five photos centered around one theme.

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This is Avri Norwood. We did this photo/video shoot in a winery. I like the way things came out. The title refers to the vintner’s tool for testing the wine in a barrel. It’s also the prop Avri is playing with.


This is Maya Virdi. We did an all-day photo and video shoot in an auto shop. This was her first erotic assignment. We shot three photo/video sets. It was so windy that day. When the wind would gust, the roll-up doors would make a loud crash. I was also working with  with two PAs. I usually work alone. Even with all of this, Maya did a spectacular job. This photo/video set is featured on


This is Noma. Theses the first time I’ve worked with her but I’m hoping it won’t be the last. She is a great model and just great to be around. She is also an accomplished photographer. This is one of three photo/video stories we created.


These are some stills from the photo/video set Auto Show featuring Azura Starr. Azura was a great model and a pleasure to work with. We collaborated well and produced some amazing images. Unfortunately, she no longer models, but we have the work she and I created and her other images on the web.